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TextilWirtschaft: a news, business and fashion magazine in one. Every Thursday its printed edition appears on the desks of the decision-makers earning their living from fashion. Updated on a daily basis with digital offers.

The only German-language fashion title published weekly for the fashion industry. With relevant information from trade and industry on womenswear, menswear, denim, shoes, accessories, underwear and fabrics to children’s clothing. Supplemented with exclusive news,

exciting studies and interesting career topics. And daily newsletters with the latest news from the industry.

More than 35 editors and correspondents report from the fashion hubs in Europe providing the latest news about what is happening in the industry – from new product ideas and distribution strategies to what is new on the sales floor.

TextilWirtschaft is the fashion industry’s premier trade magazine, offering guidance in the fast-moving fashion business. It is compulsory reading for those working in fashion. The bond between reader and magazine is extraordinary and its coverage of the industry is outstanding. The 86% subscription rate* is unrivalled.


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Editorial Schedule 2016 (PDF) --- english
Mediakit 2016 (PDF) --- english

Calendario tematiche stagione A/I 2016/2017 (PDF) ---- italiano

* annual average IVW III/2014 – II/2015