TW 100

Fashion is constant change. And change always means challenges. In order to overcome all obstacles, creativity is key. Don’t play according to the book. Shape trends, don’t follow.

We introduce 100 people that represent these values. Pioneers in their fields, no fear of unknown territory.

It’s about creative minds behind outstanding marketing campaigns, innovative design concepts and new ways of brand strategies. About digital trendsetters, visionary distributers and ambitious start-up founders.

Ad closing 09 December 2019
Publishing Date 26 December 2019

Rates and Sizes
2/1 page (460 x 300) 15,000 €
1/1 page (230 x 300) 8,000 €
(Sizes in width x height plus 4 mm bleed on each outer edge)

Circulation of 24,000 incl. airline + tradeshow distribution

Use your advertisement to position yourself among the visionaries and ensure maximum advertising reach during the transition from 2019 to 2020.

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