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TextilWirtschaft home

• displays relevant market supplies
• reports about innovations and trends
• is discussing the most relevant subjects regarding the industry, design and retail

TextilWirtschaft home is the medium of information and inspiration for all sectors in which textiles are used. With us you can understand, reach and change your market of home textiles and accossories.

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TextilWirtschaft home is a trade magazine working on the highest level of esthetics and content with a strong distribution and international visibility, all above among the decision makers of the market.

• specialized retail
• department stores
• furniture stores
• manufacturers
• mail order trade
• wholesale
• architects and interior design studios

circulation: 75,000 copies total (37,500 copies in German, 37,500 copies in English)
• subscribers
• international tradeshow distribution
• special distribution

#2/2017  Advertising deadline 13.11.2017   Publishing date 07.12.2017

Formats and rates (introductory prices for 2017)
2/1 page (460 x 300 mm)* € 15,400
1/1 page (230 x 300 mm)* € 8,000
Junior page (146 x 215 mm)*  € 6,000
½ page vertical (113 x 300 mm)* € 4,400
½ page horizontal (230 x 150 mm)* € 4,400
* Width x height plus 4 mm trim outer edge and inner edge

Topics in #2
WHO INVENTED IT? Switzerland up close: traditional craftsmanship meets smart textiles
INDIA SPECIAL - A travel reportage in and around the Heimtextil India
THE WISHING TABLE - How the foodie trend has been changing the market for tablecloths
NEW: The TextilWirtschaft home Consumer Study


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