Digital ads – Specs

Here you will find technical notes and information on data delivery for your banner campaign, video ad or showroom gallery as well as our tracking guideline. 

Banner Campaigns


  • static jpeg or animated gif-files (for Billboard Pushdown/Poster Ad: only static jpeg)
  • 3rd-Party Ad Tag
  • HTML5 file (additionally: banners as image file (GIF, JGP, PNG) as fallback)
  • max. 100 KB


  • static gif-, jpeg- or png-file, without animation
  • max. 100 KB

Target links for banner campaigns: Please send us "https" links only. http pages will not load in all browsers. Tracking pixels and click count URL can be included. Please also see our "Tracking Guideline" below.

Data delivery to at the latest 3 working days before start (Wednesday the week before), for details concerncing the pixel sizes please refer to your proposal.

Showroom Galleries

1) Landing Page

  • Brand name
  • Headline (max. 45 characters incl. spaces)
  • Intro text: max. 300 characters incl. spaces (optional)
  • Article picture(s)
    • 1-2 pictures (one-time motif change possible after 2 weeks)
    • Format: 16:9
    • Size: max. 1 MB
    • Without lettering, logo etc.
  • Contact details (max. 1 contact + telephon number + e-mail address + website link)

2) Picture Gallery

  • Headline (max. 45 characters incl. spaces)
  • Gallery pictures (max. 20)
    • Static jpg or png files 
    • Size: at least 800x600 px (larger images will be scaled); max. 1-2 MB per picture
    • Sequence: If a certain sequence is required, please define that via image names. 
For all images, please let us know if a copyright notice is required on the photo and provide the name of the copyright holder if applicable. 

Data delivery to at the latest 5 working days before start (Monday the week before). 

 Video Ad Campaigns 

  • Video Format: .mp4
  • Resolution: 1280x720 p
  • Maximum file size: 10MB 
  • Length: preferably 5-30 seconds 
  • Sound: on (Video plays silently, sound can be activated by clicking on the speaker symbol
  • Click URL: URL on your preferred Landingpage (mail-to-links can not be inserted)
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 (4:3 not supported). Widescreen not recommended

Billboard Pushdown Video Ad:

The same specifications apply as for "Video Ad Campaigns" (see above).
It is also possible to deliver a redirect for the Billboard Pushdown Video Ad. When creating the redirect, please note the specifications for the redirect (1) and the video it contains (2):

1) Specifications Redirect

  • The redirect code is delivered in an iframe and must be functional in itself.
  • The video must be played via an external server (not the TW server) and should be streamed.
  • The push down functionality must be provided by the redirect code and in the iframe.
  • Max. file size: 250 KB
  • Compression Tools: Graphics:, Javascript:, CSS:

2) Specifications for the video within the redirect

  • Format: 940 x 250 px to 940 x 500 px
  • Length: 5 to max. 30 seconds
  • Sound: The video starts silently. The sound can be activated and deactivated 
  • Interaction:
    • Video starts automatically with every page view and expands to 940 x 500 px
    • Video plays once and does not restart automatically
    • On user interaction ("mouse over") the video expands / starts again until "mouse out"
    • Without user interaction, the video will go back to the regular size (940 x 250 px) after 15 seconds at the latest.

Data delivery to at the latest 5 working days before start (Monday the week before).

Tracking Guideline 

Information on Tracking in General 

Up to five tracking pixels can be used per advertising medium according to the specifications of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). This usually includes:
- two tracking pixels for impression tracking
- one click command
- one viewability measurement (e.g. meetrics)
- one market research pixel (e.g. GfK)

The use of the collected tracking data is exclusively limited to the booked campaign and to the booked period on our websites. Any further use or sale of the data to third parties is prohibited.

Information on Tracking under TCF 

As soon as a tracking/pixel/tag is used in a campaign that processes personal data, the following points must be taken into account. All URL-based components of an ad (e.g. redirect, pixel tracker) must contain the IAB macro gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXX} to process the TC string, where XXX represents the numeric vendor ID according to the IAB's global vendor list.


In order for us to be able to identify this GDPR macro, we need to know 5 working days before the start of the campaign how and where this GDPR macro is delivered in the redirect, in scripts, iframes and/or other tracking. All advertising tags/tracking must contain these GDPR macros.

Information on Technical Service Providers (Vendors) 

Please also tell us before the start of the campaign which technical service providers will be used as part of the tracking. A service provider/vendor may only be used if it is already implemented in the consent management platform of our websites and only tracks if user consent is given. 

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