Sport as a sales driver, profit indicator and innovator is extending its lead in trade and industry. The transition from fashion to sportswear is fluid and major fashion trade fairs dedicate entire shows to the trend. TextilWirtschaft SPORTS provides the relevant business facts, data and background information.
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Ear Space: 630 x 100 px 
Content Ad: 520 x 200 px
Content Ad + Article detail page: 520 x 200 px
Input for article detail page: Stage picture: (16:9), Header (about 100 characters incl. spaces), Teasertext (about 300 characters incl. spaces), Full text for the content (2,500 characters incl. spaces), max. 5 pictures (best landscape format), Link
Text/Picture Ad: Picture 200 x 175 px (static), Header (max. 70 characters incl. spaces), Text (max. 370 characters incl. spaces), Link
Advertorial: Stage picture (16: 9) + Title (about 100 characters including spaces) + Short text / teaser text (about 300 characters including spaces) + Full text for the content (2,500 characters including spaces) + Max. 5 pictures - best possible landscape format + Link

Rates 2022:
Ear Space: 2,100 € (4 issues)
Content Ad: 1,500 € (4 issues)
Content Ad + Article detail page: 2,300 € (4 issues)
Text/Picture Ad: 1,900 € (4 issues)
Advertorial: 2,700 € (4 issues)

Ad Impressions:
Ear Space: around 60,000 (4 issues)
Content Ad: around 45,000 (4 issues)
Advertorial: around 45,000 (4 issues)

Ads in the Newsline TextiWirtschaft SPORTS are not discountable and are not included in current contracts. Agency commissions will be granted.

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