The Showroom Gallery offers you the opportunity to present your latest collection to the readers of for four consecutive weeks. The Showroom Gallery consists of the following elements:
  • On the homepage there is a special stage on which up to six showroom galleries are placed.
  • The corresponding landing page contains a picture gallery with up to 20 collection pictures and contact details
  • In the Newsline trend, the respective showroom galleries are teased every week

Price 2022:
€ 6,100

Here you can download a PDF with specifications and examples. 

Input for the landing page:

  • brand name
  • heading: max. 45 characters incl. spaces
  • intro text: max. 300 characters incl. spaces (optional)
  • article images (max. 2): Format: 16:9, size: max. 1 MB, without lettering, logo etc.
  • contact: max. 1 contact person + phone number + e-mail-adress + website link

Input for the picture gallery:

  • headline: max. 45 characters incl. spaces
  • gallery images (max. 20) static jpg or png files
    • size: at least 800x600 px (lager images will be scaled)
    • sequence: If a certain sequence is desired, please define this by the image names. Otherwise, any order will be chosen.
    • one-time delivery of final image data: It is not possible to exchange the images during runtime.
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