TextilWirtschaft specials are published on an ongoing basis and offer essential insight on a specific business or fashion topic.
Choose from four different banner formats for your ad in a TextilWirtschaft special.

Ear Space: 630 x 100 px
Sponsoring: 520 x 200 px
Content Ad: 520 x 200 px
Text/Picture Ad: Headline (max 100 characters incl. spaces) + Text (max 400 characters incl. spaces) + Picture (200 x 175 px, static) + Link

Rates 2020:
Ear Space: 850 € 
Sponsoring: 750 € 
Content Ad: 650 €
Text/Picture Ad: 700 € 

Bookings in the special newsletters will not be discounted and are not included in current contracts.

Find out more options for your presence in TextilWirtschaft in our Mediakit 2020

We would be glad to provide you with an individual offer.

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