The Social Media Packages I and II allow you to use the channels of TextilWirtschaft on Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for your content. On facebook and Linkedin breaking news are posted daily, on Instagram you can also get an insight into the work of the editorial staff.

Current follower numbers:

Facebook: 76,000 followers (as of 08/2020)
Instagram: 32,000 followers (as of 08/2020)
Linkedin: 30,000 followers (as of 08/2020)

The Social Media Package I consists of
- an Advertorial or Sponsored Post on
- an Instagram-Story with up to 8 sequences and 2 Swipe-Up links, from which one link leads to the Advertorial / Sponsored Post
- a post on Facebook or Linkedin

Price 2021:
€ 13,800

The Social Media Package II consists of
- an Instagram Story with up to 8 sequences and 2 Swipe-Up links
a post on Facebook or Linkedin

Price 2021:
€ 5,800

The marketing team of TextilWirtschaft and, if you have chosen Social Media Package I, an external editor will support you in the creation of the respective content. The components of both packages will be marked with "Anzeige" (Ad).

Here you can download a PDF with specifications and examples. 


Input for Advertorial or Sponsored Post:
The professional creation is done in cooperation with an external editor.

Texts, pictures, graphics, contact data, links, etc.

The advertorial is delivered on the desktop version, on the mobile website and in the smartphone apps.

Input for Instagram-Story:
Images/Video: 8 images and/or video sequences, 1080 x 1920 px.
Tags per slide: max. 4 hashtags, 1 name tag (person or company)
Linking: 1-2 links (for swipe-up)

Input for Facebook or LinkedIn Post:
Images: 1 image, 1200 x 627 px, png or jpg
Text/tags: max. 150 characters including spaces, max. 4 hashtags, max. 2 nametags (persons or companies to be linked in the text)
Linking: 1 link

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