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Sales in the first week after the lockdown: -33%

German fashion retail is still far from normal. Due to the relaxation of some corona measures, certain shops were able to reopen last week. As a result, TextilWirtschaft's fashion retail panel TW-Testclub has resumed sales analysis. However, results are hard to compare.

This text was originally published in German and machine-translated into English.

The reasons: On the one hand, due to the lockdown, which in some cases still exists, significantly fewer participants than usual reported sales figures. On the other hand, customers and merchants are still in an exceptional situation.#GALLERY-NT17396#On average, revenues in week 17 were 33% below the previous year's period which itself came in at -9%. Three quarters of all TW test club participants recorded a drop in sales. For two thirds (66%) the decrease was in double digits.

The figures also show that discount and luxury ranges sold most successfully with declines of 2% and 4% respectively. In contrast, the mid-level recorded a 50% sales drop on average. It must be added that the week had one more sales day than in 2019, when the public holiday of Easter Monday was part of the period.

Negative expectations for May

In addition to weekly sales, accumulated monthly sales numbers were also queried. They came in with an average of -79% (previous year: -10%). It remains to be seen to what extent this drop can be reduced in the last days of the month.
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For May (2019: -2%), the vast majority of retailers are pessimistic. 94% expect sales decreases. Above all, low traffic and a restrained consumer mood are worrying traders. 6% expect an increase in sales. A retailer from Cologne comments: "I have my shop in a residential neighborhood of Cologne, and those districts are currently well frequented by the people living there."

The TW-Testclub is the panel with the largest number of participants in stationary fashion retail in Germany. All locations, company sizes and types of business are represented.