Visual merchandising trends from the British capital

London Learnings

Anna Lenz

Show week on the Thames: The fashion industry is romping about in the capital and, of course, roams through the stores. Reason enough for the visual merchandisers to go into the full and skilfully stage surfaces such as shop windows. At a glance: the top three learnings currently available from the London retail sector.

1. All good things come from above

Visual Merchandising-Trends aus London: Alles Gute kommt von oben

Autumn leaves, cloud-like nets and spherical lamps adorn the blankets from Harvey Nichols to Anthropology. At Kate Spade, even mobile phone covers are integrated into the ceiling lighting, Knightsbridge lamps are combined with merchandise presentation hanging from above. In this way, the customer's gaze is not only attracted to the surface, but also moves upwards, turning the salesroom into a holistic experience.

2. The round has to go into the square

Visual Merchandising-Trends aus London: Das Runde muss ins Eckige

Oversized bullets. Cuboids and cylinders in jewellery presentation. Swinging pendulums and round cloth stands, for example at Harrods: Geometric shapes are currently enjoying great popularity when it comes to putting collections in the right light. Especially in the contrast between round and angular forms, exciting contrasts emerge which nevertheless take a back seat to the goods, so that their full effect can unfold undisturbed.

3. Not all that glitters is gold

Visual Merchandising-Trends aus London: Es ist nicht alles Gold, was glänzt

Golden studs on the walls, a room lined with silver aluminium foil and golden mannequins at Dover Street Market. Coloured tinsel and disco balls at The Shop at Bluebird, golden graffiti cans and colourful industrial pipes at Louis Vuitton in Selfridges: precious metals currently dominate the retail productions of the British capital. And give the goods on display an even nobler touch through gold, silver and the like.

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This text was originally published in German and machine-translated into English.