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The top three after the restart

Lala Berlin

Dresses, blouses, denim - following about six weeks of retail abstinence, promising top sellers are emerging during the first days following the restart. What German customers are looking for is casual fashion with a twist, which should work well between the couch and the cocktail.

This text was originally published in German and machine-translated into English.

Erste Schnelldreher nach dem Restart : Kleider

Casual, practical, relaxed, suitable for everyday use, but not too classic or standard - this is what the new must-haves look like after German retail's restart. In the first few days after the stores reopened, clear customer favourites have already been emerging: dresses, casual blouses and tunics and white denim are among the front runners. These are accompanied by shirts or sweatshirts and the first summer shoes, preferably slippers in new pastel colors. Women are turned on by everything that can be simply thrown on and worn immediately. It must be equally suitable for the garden and the couch as well as the zoom meeting in the home office, but also offer some excitement after six long weeks of shutdown. This is by no means a question of need and by no means just about loungewear.

Erste Schnelldreher nach dem Restart: Denims

"Women simply want to do something good for themselves and are happy that they can stop by again," is the unanimous opinion of retailers from Hamburg to Bavaria. And as long as bars, cafés and restaurants remain closed, purchases must also be a little mood-booster. Fresh colors are a must, from white and nude to pastels, orange and yellow. Summer feelings are most wanted, even if it's just for everybody's personal home party.

Erste Schnelldreher nach dem Restart : Blusen

The detailed analysis of the first top sellers after the lockdown can be read from Wednesday, May 6, at 5 p.m. in TextilWirtschaft's e-paper and from Thursday, May 7, in the printed edition.